Thursday, June 5, 2008

multitasking amidst multiplication of complications

dont worry. the content of this post isnt actually as heavy and troubling like the title might seems.. im exaggerating i know ;p its just that im pretty caught up in things at the moment. so many things are going on. not to mention the whirlwind of emotions which, erm, complicate things a lil. but thats under control, so far.

suddenly this week there are soo many stuffs to do. first, my mooting training has started. that alone takes up lots of time, and of course, loads of hardwork, which makes it harder for a non-hardworking lazybum like me! ;p then the club's board, which is already under construction. as im doing it singlehandedly, i suppose it'll finish a bit later than expected. then theres family gaths and dinners, which im trying to escape. bahahaaa.. owh i still need to spring clean my room. that too, will take a lot of time.

and most important of all, my final exam is approaching. i really need an A for this paper. i have started revising already as i promised myself, no more procrastination :) im tired of last minute studying. chewahhh..! yea ryte..

with all these stuffs going on, i have to admit im going haywire. im not complaining tho. its good in a way because it pushes away unnecessary pondering. i know i have to deal with all these. and i will, one by one. i'll cross the bridge when i come to it.

signing off~

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