Tuesday, September 16, 2008

if given a choice, i would draw a villain every time.
there just wasn't all that much you could do with heroes. they came with a set of traditional standards: square jaw, overdeveloped calves, perfect teeth. they stood half a foot taller than your average man. they were anatomical marvels, intricate displays of musculature. they sported ridiculous knee-high boots that no one without superhuman strength would be caught dead wearing.

on the other hand, your average bad guy might have a face shaped like an onion, an anvil, a pancake. his eyes could bulge out or recess in the folds of his skin. his physique might be meaty or cadaverous, furry or rubberized, or covered with lizard scales. he could speak in lighting, throw fire, swallow mountains. a villain let your creativity out of its cage.

the problem was, you couldn't have one without the other. there couldn't be a bad guy unless there was a good guy to create the standard. and there couldn't be a good guy until a bad guy showed up just how far off the path he might stray.

i like the word evil. scramble it a little, and you get vile and live. good, on the other hand, is just a command to go do. but it could also be an anagram to O God

today i have learn that despite our everyday effort to stay on the right path, and keep up with the standards of righteousness, vile villains still come in many forms and ways to bring us down. evil. it lives. it breeds. and it is well and very much alive. all we can do is go do the things we need to. and pray to God, to give us strength to fight those evils. we just need to find the hero within us and hold on to our superpower. iman. patience. and the faith that good always prevails over evil.


masruddin said...

thank you. now i'm can leave my comment here. :)

FitriEzwan said...


perenggan terakhir.

konklusi yg menarik =)

Su Kyaw said...

I love ur post...n the analogy is so well crafted. I ddnt notice the vile thing before about evil. Anyways keep on writing babe!

Putri Mahirah said...

thank you so much Khairun and Fitri :)