Sunday, December 21, 2008

everyday miracle

"there are only two ways to live your life. one is as though nothing is a miracle. the other is as though everything is a miracle"
- Albert Einstein

i choose the latter. but im still working towards that. i want to be able to wake up and realize that everything under the sun, and all that lies beyond it, is a miracle. if we cleanse our inner eye, it is possible to see this and to live in a state of continuous wonder. once upon a time, i suffered from acute-perfectionism-syndrome ;p i expected perfection in everything i do. and more often than not, i ended up in deep frustration, simply because i was hardly satisfied with the end result i produced. but as i grow up, i learn to forgive myself, reminding myself constantly that i can never reach perfection. i can only give my best and take whatever that comes my way. i have learnt that even the shittest thing can bring great wisdom. my perception of life is then transformed: where there was randomness, now there is a mysterious order to things, and every event becomes precious and meaningful, even in the bleakest of time.

kesempurnaan itu hanya milik Tuhan. kita manusia biasa hanya mampu jujur dan ikhlas.

of course, it is easy to experience this perspective when life is going well. it is much harder when we're in the middle of crisis and suffering. but i believe that everything in our life is miraculously orchestrated by the Upper Hand.

my brother asked me what my new year resolutions are. i told him i have none. not because i don't have plans and goals for next year. but simply because, i make new resolutions on daily basis instead of waiting for January 1st to come. when i wake up in the morning, i will make sure i give my best so that today will be better than yesterday. and if the day did not turn out that well, i will thank God for His blessings. because i know today He still sent me another rahmah and lesson, only the harder way. above all resolutions and wishes, i wish that my spiritual growth accelerates beyond my wildest dreams, and joy and certainty become constant features of my inner landscape.

if only every soul can see everything as a miracle and blessing, no matter how bad something is, tidak akan ada lagi penyakit hasad dengki mahupun virus iri hati, kerana segalanya akan diubati dengan penawar kesyukuran =)

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