Friday, April 17, 2009

Tak Bertegur Sapa

In the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

The title of this entry was the topic discussed on Radio IKIM last Friday, which managed to enlighten me whilst I was silently swearing the traffic under my breath on the way to sent Mum to work. God bless KL's traffic.

Every 3-5 minutes there would a caller sharing his or her stories. Some, I tried to relate to. The rest, I think its better left untold. Certain domestic issues should have been kept private. Most callers end up crying, telling their tales of miseries with a croaking voice, trying really hard to hold back their tears which spilled the gore of a broken heart. The knife that cut through it was certainly the dispute between loved ones, friends and even neighbours which led to a ruined relationship .

For every problem confided, the guest speaker who is an Ustaz emphasised the danger of disputing amongst ourselves, and the torment that awaits for those who break the silaturraheem between each other, showing no effort to resolve the problem.

The Ustaz when back into the days of Rasulullah S.W.T., and again enlightening me with a few stories worth pondering upon. I am so sorry I couldn't remember the exact hadeeth but the gist goes like this: as narrated, there was this man, who had to face the torment of hellfire just because he did not talk to his brother in more than 3 days. Allah despises those who prolong dispute between themselves and refuse to bridge the fraction.

There was an event in which Rasulullah S.W.T taught a man a doa to purify his heart from hatred and ill feelings. For he who sleeps with even a pinch of hatred in his heart shall never rest in peace in the hereafter.

The Ustaz also mentioned that if you are in dispute with anyone, it is advisable to give presents to that person, as this signifies peace and forgiveness. If that person did not take the gesture positively, at the very least, you have execute your responsibility to mend the broken bond.

As I'm sharing this with you, I am actually reminding myself. Saya percaya kalian semua dari kalangan bijak pandai malah lebih arif dari saya. But as a mere mortal, we often mislooked certain things, separating theories and practices. So lets together preach and practice :)

In today's world where everyone is always busy with their own lives and agendas, fundamental matters such as the relationship between mankind should not be taken for granted. Ever. We might not realise it, but we might have hurt someone along the way. I am sure most of the time it is unintentional. But life is short. We don't know if there is still tomorrow for us to do good to others. Or worse, there might not even be tomorrow for us to seek forgiveness from those we have hurt. Remember, Allah will only forgive your mistakes to mankind when they have forgiven you. If you have issues, deal with it on the table. Don't just sweep it under the carpet.

James Bond said tomorrow never dies. But I'd say, tomorrow, we might die.

For those I have ever hurt, I humbly seek your forgiveness. May Allah cleanse our hearts and abstain us from hatred and ill feelings. Ameen.

"Kind words and forgiving of faults are better than Sadaqah (charity) followed by injury. And Allah is Rich (Free of all wants) and He is Most-Forbearing."
[ Al-Baqarah: 263 ]



Anonymous said...

tanx for sharing this

M.M. said...

i need to be reminded myself :)