Monday, May 25, 2009

Bringing Back Those Glorious Days

The generation X. Mutated with quirkiness, designed to bring back the glory

For the past 7 years, IIU has been organizing the Interschool Debating Championship (IDC). Once a participant, I was blessed with a chance to keep some trophies. (kejayaan lama usah diungkit). Later on I crossed over to the other side of the wall as a committee, financial controller and adjudicator. And this year my experience grew as I was entrusted to emcee the English finals. Standing at the podium looking up the full and crowded auditorium, I can feel the passion in the air. These kids, they would do anything in the name of debate. Juggle classes and trainings. Stay up late to finish homeworks because their prep time was used for practices. Sacrifice holidays for tournaments. Spend on reading materials. Name it. Debate, is their life. And some of us were there too weren't we? Some, are still there :)

As I read out the name of the victors during the prize giving ceremony, I can't stop myself from saying this out loud with boasting pride, "And the second semi-finalists for the Malay language category is, Sekolah Menengah Sains Teluk Intan!" *tears tears* Ok that's a total exaggeration. But I have to admit I was overwhelmed to see the four young man walked up that stage to receive the mock cheque and trophies. Sadly I am not able to name each of them. Blame my dory-isy memory. The only name I remember is Haziq Jamaludin as he emerged as the 3rd rank overall best speaker! Congratulations bro! You broke mine and Hazwan's record :) And we are definitely very proud of you guys! All of you! :)

Ini bukan over react mahupun rasa bangga membuak-buak yang tak bertempat akan alma mater sendiri. This pride is due to the fact sudah lama sungguh tidak mendengar nama SEMESTI dalam arena debat, mahupun melihat adik-adik yang suatu ketika dahulu dididik dan turut dibuli sikit-sikit berada di atas pentas. And what makes me prouder is because these kids did it without proper regimented coaching like we had to go through back then. So congratulations again kiddos! Owh and they even have a shirt for the debate team! O-kay I'm a little jealous. We didn't have one back then! And its pink yo! Saya mahu satu!

I have another great news to share with fellow Semestians. The girls basketball team made it to HKSBP national level. How they managed to still surprised me ;p Banyak kali juga saya bertanya when one of the teachers informed me, seakan-akan tidak percaya. Almaklumlah, rasanya belum pernah ada team basketball alma mater kita yang berjaya melayakkan diri ke peringkat kebangsaan. This is definitely a blessed year for Semesti's contingent. You go kiddos! And I can't wait to join them!

PPM '09 will be at SSP from 28th May-2nd June. Do come if you're free!

Ini adalah bingkisan kejayaan dahulu yang sudah lama berlalu.
Aku mahu yang baru.


akira said...

yeah ive heard, read through u n ana's comment in fb..

always n still am proud to be a semestian ;-)

anamunawwarah said...

semesti..isk3~ tears wif joy..
nk pegi