Sunday, February 7, 2010

Long Time Debt :)

by: Syama Ramasamy. Good Living Magazine, June/July 2009 issue

Beneath the sweet, almost fragile exterior lies an admirable tenacity that fuels the girl's passion for handicrafts. Twenty-one-year-old law student Putri Mahirah (Myra) still can't get over the fact that her love for handmade goods has reaped in overwhelming response from internet shoppers, an astonishing feat for a home biz that took off just a few months ago.

The soft spoken KL lass who used to make her own Barbie clothes tells me how her mom too is into handmade handmade crafts. "I'm always making cards and gifts for friends and family," says Myra. "They are the ones who suggested that I put the stuff I make up for sale on a blog." And so she did last February. "I put four items of each category up for sale on my blog. All items were sold out within the first week, surprisingly. That was very motivating." To boot, Myra's craft even impress the international audience. She has even received orders from France, Australia and Jakarta.

When asked what the best part about having a home biz is, Myra tells me that it's all about doing something you're passionate about. "My real ambition is to enslave myself to a job I love doing.. not doing something that I am forced to. This is definitely and absolutely what I love doing." And the worst thing? "The only pressure comes from meeting customers' demand," she says. "And also time constraint, as I make every single thing myself."

Would Myra encourage others to dive into home biz? "Go for it," says Myra, who always saw imperfection in her work. But seeing how her products have been so well received in encouragement like no other. "But know the risk, such as lack of manpower when you're overloaded with orders. Also you don't have a stable income."

"It feels really good to be my own boss. I'm very content, and also proud because I started off really early," says Myra. "Feedback from customers is always uplifting. That's when all the tiredness disappears and all is worth the effort."

"I want to see my brand, Myranesque, expand.. maybe to other areas liked baked goods and stuff," says Myra, who also dabbles in creating cute little cupcakes and brownies.

So what makes Myra happy besides Rocky, her slithering pet ball python? "I'm a movie freak," she says, listing epics, chick flicks and cartoons as her favourite genres. "I also read a lot, fiction and non-fiction. And of course, shopping- what girls do best." Any life-long desires yet to be fulfilled? "I'd love to change some lives.. make some lives better. I want to be the change I want to see."


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WOOOOOT! Kudos myra!

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Thank you Aijud!! :)

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Myra! am so proud of, darling! :)

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Thank you dear!! :) A token of compensation for you for not being able to find a copy of the mag on shelves hihi

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syg, i'm really proud of u.

i do :)

u're a motivation, for others.

to me for sure.

tk cr!

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gorgeous baby! im so proud of youuu!! we all are! keep it up! i miss you so much! *HUGS*

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You're pretty =) Thumbs up for the good work Myra

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