Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Take Five: On Hurt


One. The first person who is on your mind on the moment you open your eyes when you wake up and the last person you think of before you go to sleep has either brought you a great amount of joy or have given you tremendous pain. You are most unfortunate if you think of the same person for both reasons at the same time.

Two. If everyone wants to be different, what's the difference?

Three. Sometimes it helps being childish. You are carefree, selfish, guilt-free and egocentric. You are still happy despite making others around you unhappy.

Four. The cause of a broken marriage is not lack of love but lack of friendship.

Five. People come and go. Don't be sad when some leave. Because those who left are better gone.


Fitri Ezwan said...


"Because those who left are better gone"

Keras bunyinya tu..

Tapi, bila fikir-fikir semula, betul juga.

Tapi, kadang-kadang, masa sangat lambat untuk merungkaikan segalanya.

dotdotdot said...

i think of the same person for both reason. whut shud i do to get rid of this unfortunate, sis?

masa lambat sangat untuk merungkaikan segalanya. -very right :(

M.M. said...

Fitri: Perit tapi benar. Biar lambat asal selamat :)

Ana: Focus on other matters that are more worthwhile :)

ps: Call me sis