Thursday, April 22, 2010

God sent me a soul mate in the form of a brainy and awesome hot chick in stilettos

"Good friends are like stars. You can't always see them, but they are always there."

We found this quote years ago while doing one of our favorite past time activity in the dorm -unwrapping Baci chocolates just to find the quote strip included inside.

True enough, its so hard to catch her for dates nowadays because this girl is all over the world, either busy breaking hearts or acing competitions. This week she's here in KL and the next she could be in Bangkok or Turkey. No thanks to her ever busy debating life, which started back in high school. Those who know us would say that we are of complete opposite. But our differences never stayed in between our bond. They in fact tied us even closer, and make us understand things better.

Despite not being able to be in presence all the time, this woman has always been there for me in the happiest and bleakest times, ready to protect me or bail me out. She may seem to be the crazier one between the two of us but no one can knock perfect senses into me when I started losing them like she does. For always being my pillow, for always being honest and telling me things I need to know rather than what I want to hear, and for always being right here for me, I thank you. Happy birthday darling! :)

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