Wednesday, November 24, 2010

"Whether you conceal what you say or reveal it, God knows best all that the heart contains."

I have grown up to learn that what is harder than to be truly honest to others is to be completely honest to yourself. And the hardest above those two is to actually summon the courage to admit it, and to announce it out loud. More often than not the mind will make up excuses to deceive the heart. We tell ourselves to listen to our hearts but in the end we always opt to find justifications not to follow it. Its a tricky trade, you see. All this business of deciding. I am so far blessed with a decisive mind. I have always known what I want to do. But between choosing what I really want to do and what I am expected to do, that is the bitter part.

And so we pray that our hearts are always protected, guided and lead to the right path. But when something comes our way, especially excruciating challenges, we wept and cry and complain and stumble. How ironic. Shutting our eyes blind to the possible fact that perhaps, the bleakest moment that have swallowed us could actually be the chance to be reinvented better.

Lets not stop praying for us to be given the strength to pursuit what our hearts really set on, no matter what comes our way; be it demotivating contradictions or weakening failures. For us to be granted the senility to forget the people we never liked anyway, the good fortune to run into the ones we do, and the eyesight to tell the difference.

Speaking of eyesight, you might want to click here to see what I see ;)

PS: Kadang-kadang rasa blogging ni kurang matang. Ibarat fikiran dan emosi bertelanjang.


Anonymous said...

hey...uve got blogged?awesome... creatively done...i should ve ask u for direction trying to make my blog..into kind of journalism thing...hopefully we could always keep in touch..i have a mind of 12 yrs old too...always keep in mind without spitting it out..i guess its hard to keep all of that in...huh..and put it all in fb..yeahhh

aizuddinanuar said...

Amen to that!


M.M. said...

Sakeen: Hey dear! Yes its me :) Well, sure. Although I'm not sure if I can help much since mostly what is poured down in here is just my random thoughts. Keep on going with what you're doing. with practice comes excellence :)

Aijud: Merci! :)