Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Funny that we were taught to chase our dreams and follow our hearts. And yet they expect us to listen to their words and fulfill their expectation of life.

Funny how we were told that everything is possible when we put our hearts to it. And then they say, some things are of too much risk. How can we know it for sure until we figure it out ourselves?

Funny that we're too busy juxtaposing what's right and wrong, what should be and shouldn't, that we forgot to just be. The only one we can be after all, is ourselves. Whoever that is. Discovered, or yet to be found.

Funny that we pray night and day for the best, and yet when something comes our way we whine and complain. Forget we must not; that it may be that we dislike a thing and Allah brings through it a great deal of good, yes?


nabeyl said...

Allah knows best,u hang on there k may not be now,or later or just never,but whatever it is,dont stop praying for it.:)

"Jikalau perkara itu baik bagus untuk diriku dan agamaku,maka dkt lah ianya padaku,dan jikalau sebalik,maka,ya Allah,jauhkan ia dr diriku ini"

iAllah,we pray for the best !

hazzi said...

Hey sis.

I have been reading your blog since forever and has been link your blog to mine also, since the dawn of time. Didn't notice the ps at the bottom, so I'm letting you know now :) Hoe you're all right with it.