Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Letter to a Friend


"Never question why things happened. Allah dah janji dalam Quran, He will not test us with something more than we can bear. And He has promised that He will always be with those who are patient. Never forget that. Never question that.

Families are never perfect. And hardly functional. I always imagine that God just toss us all in one house and we end up like different veggies in a salad bowl. I too, sometimes feel like a clueless olive sitting next to a slice of cucumber. Different families are different mix of veggies and its up to us what to name our salad. Mine would be 'Conservative with Wacky dressing and a tad of Drama' and yours could be 'Disfunctional with Dramatic dressing and a lot of Patience' :)"

If you choose to see beauty, you'll find it.

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arcane said...

i like this. u're right yang.