Monday, July 2, 2012



Twenty four hours. That is all we get. So I promised myself to make every minute count. Determined not to spend a second on something or someone unworthy. To the trash all non-constructive thoughts. I have to say I've succeed. These past few months have been wonderful and I am more than grateful for every bit of it. 

I entered the year with no expectation but half way through it I find myself content and complete, often humbled by His 'cheeky' way of pulling me closer and closer. Three to four years ago even the smallest mishap would stress me. I was a hardheaded go-getter that didn't allow myself any mistake. How silly I was, not to realize that it is through mistakes one grow. 

And now here I am, taking a day at a time, with not much expectation but just constant determination to give my best. If a thing or two don't go my way, I'll get excited, smiling up to Him wondering what's in store. Because through out all these years, in the bleakest of time, all that He has taken away, He replaced with better ones beyond my belief. And for everything that came my way, for each thing that is gone, for everyone that I have with me now and for each person that left, I am beyond grateful. 

Twenty four is the age where I am transitioning in every aspect. From my personal life to my career path. I'm doing it a little different this time. Instead of a whimsical get together with many friends at once, I celebrated it intimately with closed ones that truly matters with full gratitude. For a change, I gave Mum a gift in return for all the love she has showered me with. I will miss seeing her everyday because that will change in a few months time. I shall force myself to end this post before I dwell in my homesickness which has begun even before I move out of the house. 

 Alhamdulillah, I am very happy. I hope you are too.

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