Thursday, April 14, 2016

"I can't remember the reason why I started blogging. If there is even a reason to begin with. Suddenly blogging makes me feel naked. Stripping my thoughts and emotions bare in front of people. People I know, people I don't know. People who think they know me. People who wants to know me. 
Naked. That is not a good feeling. The last time I was naked in public was probably the day I came out of my mum's uterus."

I wrote these words on January 12th 2010 and since that A LOT of things have happened. Well nothing major you know - I got engaged, I dived into the media industry, I got married, I got my own place, I revived my biz, I popped out two kids. Just that! HAHA

Looking back and scrolling through every post ever written in this blog makes me go "What on earth was I thinking??" probably a hundred times and so many "OMG I was so poyo!!" moments. It is hilarious to read through my own mind for the past few years and reflect on my growth, how much I have changed, for the better of course. My priorities are clearly different today, but my urge to write down my thoughts and spill out words onto this page somehow remains the same.

As a very reflective person and at times neurotic, I always blog 'imaginarily' but never had the time to type it all properly. I hope this time around I will be more disciplined in finding the opportunity to keep this space from being abandoned again. In all honesty I like the idea of blogging as it is actually a way to 'empty' my rush of thoughts and a good way to document memories, all those important moments and milestones. And for a higher purpose, I hope this humble page will help inspire others in its own small way, especially my children - a way for them to know their mother from her younger days as a person, not the dictator that feeds them and track down their early days too. All the drools, snots and whatnots. Surely it will all be recorded kids!

Speaking of inspirations, what triggered me to finally update Hidden Jewels is a few surprising comments and messages from my readers who said they miss reading this blog! I will work my best not to disappoint you and I hope we will all learn something from each other.

May it please Allah.


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