Monday, June 23, 2008

a day of suprise(s)

i've already talked about last week, which was tough. today is only monday and i can foresee that this week, will be tougher. the day started with the long LRT ride to gombak, with my heavy handbag on one shoulder, my heavier lappy bag on the other, and my file's bag in one hand. i think they should start selling extra shoulders because i'll be needing one very very soon.

just like any other day, i have aims to fulfill today and that is to finish my second draft for the applicant's and respondent's memorial (for my mooting competition). but it turned out that i dont have to finish up male captus because, suprise suprise! there was a shuffle of the team members and i was affected. not only that, due to short of hands, we needed to shuffle our forte topics as well. and again, suprise suprise! i have to start doing 'expropriation' from scratch and get it done for both sides by thursday morning. great. splendid. awesome.

lucky me for having a wrecked nervous system, i told myself i shall not sigh but to take up this challenge, because He only test us with something that is within our capabilities. and InsyaALLAH i will survive this challenge. i will make sure i will!

the third suprise of the day is the sweetest, because my moot master, sir Raja Bad, or RB as we call him + his wife Madam Suzana came up with a suprise birthday cake for us June babies :) and that is Kak Nik (19th), Zayd (24th), and I (in 3 days time hihi). and the cake was choc indulgence, my fav :) tho there was a hilarious blooper! the cake guy wrote 'happy birthday june BABIS' instead of 'BABIES'!!! ahahahahhahahaha! there was a missing 'E'! God! padan muka suka sangat mencarut! see! what goes around comes around ;p

we already had a suprise birthday celebration for Kak Nik on hers last week. didnt know there's another one coming. Thank you so much to RB and MS :) nevertheless the cake guy didnt fail to make a statement by writing the wrong thing (its a habit isnt it?) on Kak Nik's cake! instead of writing 'happy 22nd birthday', it says 'happy 2nd birthday'! hahhahhaaaa.. theres clearly something wrong with this particular branch of Secret Recipe isnt it? ;p

rushed back to catch mum up. had dinner with her. i really need a piece of sanity by talking things thru with her. i was really afraid that the things i wanted to tell her will freak her out. but suprise suprise! she didnt ;p well knowing mum she is always capable of turning something soo depressing into a piece of cake. so thanks a lot mum for the great talk we had :)

all in all, Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah for a beautiful bittersweet day :) am enjoying my last days as a 19 year old to the fullest


Anonymous said...

Hurm..I think I knoe U...

myra said...

yes dino.. sc inovation sbp '04 ;p i still remember ko nye pengering kasut tu ahahaha

Anonymous said...

owh..haha..bukan aku wat pon..aku dtg jd wakil je

myra said...

gpastu ko shut me up in dat room and i was furious and i kicked d door open.bahahahaaaaa.. and now u're with mus. God d world IS shrinking!

Anonymous said...

hurm..well actually it wasnt my idea to shut the door.haha..the boys from SAS gave the idea.haha.takot aku tengok muka ko when u kickd d door.

mAtTpEeT said...

hmmm.. nak tanye..
are u putri mahirah from sk tmn maluri dlu??