Friday, June 13, 2008

two crazy people. one beautiful day

the day i have been waiting for is finally here. had a lunch date with missy zyra. someone i have been longing to see. the wise missy that knows how i function. my sister by soul, my confidante, and the hammer that knocks my loose screw straight, whenever it gets loose ;p and someone, who will be sitting for her last a-levels paper tomorrow, but was still willing to spend her day with me. thanx a lot hun. i really really appreciate this :)

we sat at The Apartment, and found nothing on the menu that makes us go 'oooo'.. so we ended up just having a drink, and that free bun bahaahaaaaa.. i had to go to ESU to meet the officer to settle some scholarship stuffs.met Auntie Fawzia, the SM, chitchatted for a mo. wait,wait and more waiting for the officer to show up. but the waiting isnt torturing at all having Ms. MJ with me :)

bumped into Kak Aizan when i got to klcc that noon. Kak Aizan is my God-Sister, a lawyer in petronas, (now u now why we get along) and also my mentor who deeply inspires me in humanitarian work. she in fact won a young humanitarian award last year. she was the one that invited me to join 'Tekad Project', a program founded by young professionals to coach, motivate and fund potential students from the rural areas. i find doing this work very rejoicing, and something youth today needs to get more involved with.

Kak Aizan is such a beautiful person. not to mention elegantly smart. she's a LSE grad (i dont really like the sound of LSE nowadays ;p), something which i just found out today despite years being close to her. she never mentioned that before. thats how humble she is. i only come to know about it when zyra came across this LSE sticker at her workstation. she was kind enough to give us some of her precious time by showing us around the legal department. met Halian and Azlan, IIU grads currently working there.

honestly experiencing the dullness of the legal office does not interest me much in working there one day. but i have to for 10 years! fine! i'll take up the challenge and will change the whole office into pink! God i sound so Elle-Wood-ish!

after the tour around the 68th floor, it was time to indulge ourselves with goooood fooooood for our late lunch. the perfect place? no other than Bakerzin! tho i wouldnt want to seat where we sat again for a certain what do two crazy heads do over great food? we talked talked camwhore talked camwhore munch munch and talked more and more! ;p
i thank GOD for today, a day i really really need. God knows why..
i've done the talking, i've done the thinking,i've also done the im getting closer to executing what i have decided..

faith, is the only thing that kept me going..thanks to you that kept faithing me..and you know who you are :)

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