Friday, December 12, 2008

meet Rocky, my pet python! =)

this is not a joke, Rocky exists, and sedang hidup dengan cerianya :) Rocky is my 4 months old Ball Python. he's gentle, hygienic and doesnt bite. i get asked all the time, "why a snake?". well, its about getting over my fear actually. when i was little, i was afraid of drowning, until one day when i was 4, Ayahanda threw me into the pool *splash* (yes, he literally campak me!). that was when i know i had no choice but to learn to be comfortable underwater. years after, swimming became one of my favourite pass time. same goes with having Rocky. tho i have always like snakes, there are some features of them that i still fear. a snake can be unpredictable, it can strike you anytime if you approach it the wrong way. in folklore, snakes are pictured as evil, with a twisted tongue. but dont we face these features everyday in humans as well? people can be very unpredictable, and their words, can be as poisonous as a snake's venom. so, to be able to hold Rocky in my hands, is a part of me getting over my fears. snakes are actually misunderstood. we humans think that they like to attack us. whereas in truth, they only attack us when they feel threatened. plus, i personally think snakes (the nonpoisonous ones that is) make the best pet. its not smelly or messy like cats or hamsters. and it eats once a week, twice the most. and God, Rocky is like the most slow moving pet i ever have! ;p so Rocky, welcome to the family! :)

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