Tuesday, December 9, 2008

my journey to space

no, i did not board a soyuz and went to the outer space for real. the reason this post is titled as such is because i feel that i have been in a phase of exploration which lead me to the discoveries of new lessons. they are not all good, but precious, definitely. it feels like i entered a whole new dimension, where most things are foreign. what seems to be near, can turn out to be so faraway, and distant. once i thought i could hold the North Star in my hand, only to realize a millisecond later that it is still millions of light years away. on a pitch black canvas, more often than not, i find that colours, and sizes can be very deceiving. so i have learned that one must never judge. there are times when i feel like falling deeply into a black hole. the ground is nowhere to be seen. imagine, your body feels numb, you cant control it. the force of gravity is just too strong to defy. once or twice i find myself wondering aimlessly in an open space, not knowing which way to go. worse, i am not even in control of my navigation.

to cut it short, i have learned that
  • things are never the way you expect it to be.

  • to find sincerity is as hard as to spot a black ant on a black rock in the darkness of a pitch black night, when there is no single star in the sky.

  • people are not just people, who are worth only a click. when you need them, you press the call button. when you dont, you push the reject button. this is not the movie "Click" where you can just click a button to unwind things and act as if nothing ever happened.

  • life, does not revolve around us alone. it is not always about us.

  • stop sweeping off the dirt under the carpet. when there are issues, deal with it on the table.

  • good news travel fast. bad news, travel faster.

  • a true companion, is indeed, one in a million.

all in all, i am grateful for this journey. it is unequivocally, worth the ride, and worth the pain.

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