Sunday, December 7, 2008

to space, and back

Assalamualaikum folks :)

first and foremost, allow we to put forward thousands of apologies for the super looooooong hiatus. trust me, this was not intentional. i attempted a post several times but it always ended up as a draft due to my inability to finish it up. so much things have been going on, i get a mind block every time i try to put it into words. you know when you have so much to tell you get this word rush, they all try to come out all at once, that they stumble upon each other and ended up being clogged half way. haha. hence, the growing number of pieces in the draft department. sorry again if this page disappoint you with the absence of updates. please be patient with me, and give me time to put my journey to space nicely.

to you out there who frequent my page, thank you very much. and please dont give up on me. come back yea! ;)

*and to the one who loves the challenge of hacking my account, no thanks. i believe you have better things to do ayte? respecting other's privacy cant be that hard, right mate? :)


Anonymous said...

eh..sape yg hack ur account???

Amirul Hafidz said...

I notice that you put the link to my page right after Tun's. That's a compliment, thanks. Though one might argue that that's only to complement the bell shape.

Putri Mahirah said...

to Dino: you might know this person, so, identiti terpaksa dirahsiakan :D

to Cepe: i could have put Sunil or Haris. take that as a compliment :)