Friday, June 5, 2009

4 minutes

I have only four minutes. Perhaps you have less. So here's a quickie.

1. To those who have been wondering whether I still live on planet Earth, yes, I still do. Pretty much the same retarded person. Only with a new mobile number and tonnes of fab things to do :)

2. I have 21 things to do before end of June :)

3. I've been saving for three awesome things. Almost there honey, almost there :)

4. Am taking Tun Siti Hasmah and Prof. Khoo Kay Kim's advice. Owh yes, be sure I'll be driving away with that ;)

5. I'm freaking nervous to see copies of it hit the rack :)

6. Can't thank Bernama TV enough ;p

7. I'm all smiles because I know June will be a wonderful wonderful month :)


Anonymous said...

end of june will be a wonderful time for me!

mus said...

what r u up to,mahirah? hehe. bisnes untung besar ek? =) besnye projek kamu

anamunawwarah said...

xde2!xpuas ati psl bernama!napa x bgtau..rumah org ada astro what...haha

M.M. said...

Dino: owh yes it certainly will be ;) for me too :D

Mus: untung takdela besar mane. but when you've worked hard, you ought to reward yourself :)

Ana: alaaaa sorry laaa, very the malu want to tell tell people :) takpe takpe. just pray that that's not the last time i'll be in the news :D chewah ;p

sarah said...

is that a shot at me fer not making it for ur bday? o thee my loveth! please dont be mad upon me :(