Friday, June 5, 2009

Wake Up People!!!!

First and foremost, Bug, its 3pm!! Wake up!! ;p

Now, the story. Last Wednesday, I was at PLF for something I have been anticipating for over a month. But my mood on that day was pretty melancholy. Perhaps because of the weather yang 'panas macam nak pecah kepala'. It could also be because I left my mind at home in between those pile of work. So I stepped into the event with zero expectation and one sleepy head. I was placed beside this gentleman, who looked very familiar. He was very friendly and fatherly as well.

I could tell that he works for the government from the way he dress, plus the name tag thingy. And with that innocent observation came a mischievous urge to ask him on certain government policies and the political soap opera that no doubt beats Mis Tres Hermanas and such. He humbly introduced himself as a lad from Raub who loves to read and was sharing his views on youth today, how he wish more would come out and get involved with the foundation. Half of the time I was contemplating whether or not to jab him with my curiosities. But I decided to hold my words back. Its definitely not nice to spoil this gentleman's afternoon isn't it :) I only found out later at the end of the ceremony that he's one of the board of trustees for the foundation, also a prominent public figure. (Glad I didn't give him a reason to slap me for bombarding him with my questions)

*sips coffee*

Then came Professor Emeritus Tan Sri Dr. Khoo Kay Kim's speech, whose words stabbed right into my heart. The pain was alarming it caused my sleepy eyes to popped wide open. First stab- "I find it sad to be having to say this, that the achievement of Malaysian universities has caught my concern, and also disappointment. Ranking of local universities has dropped, including Universiti Malaya's".

He pointed out that students these days look at education in the wrong way. Instead of regarding it as a lifelong quest for knowledge, they we see it as a platform to get a degree just to get hired in order to earn money. Second stab- "If you want money, don't go to university, go find a job".

Third stab- "If you look in reality, Chinese business tycoons who got rich didn't even go through tertiary education".

Fourth stab- "Don't waste other's money and time just because you want a scroll of paper you call 'ticket to luxury".

Fifth stab- "When I mark my student's paper, I'm marking my own answer. All they do is quote my lecture word by word".

Hopefully none of you are stabbed :) In whole he was voicing out his worries about today's youth. How they we lack critical thinking, and the enthusiasm in seeking knowledge. More often than not, people we judge excellence by how many As one have, overlooking the fact that 'smart' and 'wise' is different in essence. Education isn't just about bagging As. Its also about being street smart, and nurturing a balanced person with a towering personality.

Listening to his speech, I felt myself shrunk in my seat. What he said was somehow insulting. But what made it more painful is the fact that all of it, IS the truth. The current state of our students is alarming. I am not sure what is the logical explanation behind the fall of local universities in the TESS ranking. Is it because we are at a stagnant point with no improvement? Or its other international universities that are progressing rapidly? Or it is just because we don't progress enough? (tapi ikut fund research projects allocated for IPTA macam belambak je). Khoo Kay Kim said students today we are going to classes half-awake, eyes half-opened. Lethargic. Not creative. Not inovative. Living under a glass dome. Bak kata bangsa saya pulak, LEMAU. And I say, we need to wake up peeps!!! *Sum 41's Wake Up menyelit*


Night all!!


mus said...

such a great experience, darl.
the speech by prof khoo kay kim was meaningful, even i was tickled by the fact that we student enter Uni just to get a dgree and later a decent job. ouch!
what is PLF anyway?

M.M. said...

indeed it was :) owh my this man, he's the epitome of sarcasm or what! ;p like seriously. he's tone yang selamba kodok and crisp. but then again, he has all it takes to say whatever he wish eyy :D

hahaa yeah. owh dear, remind me again why are suffering so much for just a piece of paper? ;p

aizuddinanuar said...

I have a burning interest in the state of Malaysian education. It's one thing to say that the youth have a skewed view at what education is really about, but they weren't born skewed, so the system has no doubt an effect on their perception.

There is so much to improve about Malaysia's primary and secondary education system first of all,and that surely some how make its way to effect tertiary education is.

We'll see what we can do.


sanza said...

nice stabs. i think he got it spot on, well nearly, since the second and third stabs could be misleading.

but it does bleed still.

anamunawwarah said...