Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Kisah Pensil

One of the things I always find to be wonderful is how absence indeed makes the heart grows fonder. In fact, most of the people that are dear to me are not actually near me in distance. They are scattered all over across the country/globe. But they are definitely forever close at heart. And thank God for inspiring mankind to come up with communication technology which makes everyone just a click away.

Wonderful isn't it, how little little things can bring great joy to you. When someone says "Thank you". When a stranger smiles at you. Random chat on the street that teach you wisdom you'll remember for a long time. And today, a simple message from a loved one made my day.

"When you were little, you told me you want to be a pencil when you grow up =p From that particular day years ago, I've always known that you will blossom into a nonconformist, always seeking for new mountains to climb and do wonders. And I was right =)" - Mama

I what? I wanted to be a PENCIL?? Owh right. That was my second ambition. Was a secret up until today. But the first ambition still is :D

I haven't heard from Mama for a long while. She's always caught up in her work. Not her fault though. She's great at it :) So people trust her with a lot of task. God, I miss my God-mother a lot. She is one of the beautiful soul I am blessed with in my life, and her eyes have watched me grow from the very first day. As she always put it, "Since you were only a little bigger than my palm" :)

One text message lead to another. Mama said I wanted to be a pencil like Enid Blyton because kids love her. 'Pencil', was my kiddish vocab for 'Writer' btw ;p

"So I see you are already evolving into a pencil =p"

Have I? I wouldn't call myself one. More of, erm, a babbler :D

It was her second question that sent me to do some answer searching in the deepest pit of my soul.

"Why do you want to be a writer? Why do you write?"

Mama always says, you have to set your intention right in every thing you do. And after a few hours of pondering, here's my honest answer, "Because I want to be immortalized".

Yes, I want to be immortalized. Not in the form of statutes or sculptures. Not by having my image framed or my name engraved on the walk of fame. But rather by having the values and virtues I preach practiced. Wisdom, like all good things, need to be shared. And the most influential way to do that is to write.

Salah satu faktor tamadun Islam berkembang pesat pada suatu ketika dahulu adalah melalui penyebaran ilmu melalui penulisan para cendekiawan agung sewaktu zaman tersebut. Eropah bangkit semula ketika zaman Renaissance setelah tertidur lebih seratus tahun sepanjang Zaman Gelap adalah dek kerana penulisan ilmuwan yang digelar 'heretic' oleh pihak gereja. Wadah penulisan juga merupakan saluran utama yang digunakan nasionalis untuk membakar semangat menentang penjajah. Bak kata pepatah cerdik pandai bangsa saya, mata pena lebih tajam dari mata pedang. In the modern world of blog sphere, it would be right to say- hujung jari lebih 'tajam' dari mata pedang.

Yes, little little things can bring great joy and great wonders began from little steps. If you want something bad enough, it will eventually be yours. A pencil I will be :)


sanza said...

i thought of zahid of the pencil.

M.M. said...

ahahaa yeah reminds me of him too

sarah said...

haha!y am i not surprised? i think i knoe wat ur first ambition is =) bcoz i rmmbr u called me flounder! eeee jahat! i knoe i was a fat kid! =P n u asked me to tie balloons to u wif d hope it will fly u up! nuts from birth or wat r u? =P

M.M. said...

im not as mean as you are Sarr! you put gum in my hair!! :(

ohohoo. and what is that? :D

Azie-Cipul said...

yeah lets be a pencil;p