Saturday, October 3, 2009

Kalau Tak Cukup, Tak Payah Beli

Kalau tak terasa, tak tau lah


Amirul Hafidz said...

I don't quite understand the message from this one, to be honest. Hence tak terasa, sorry. Care sharing your thoughts?

M.M. said...

Hi Amirul. been so long since you last drop in :)

its about hak istimewa melayu vs struggles the non-malays have to go through to get scholarship et cetera. whereas the malay girl, didnt have enough money but expect to still get the choc. mengharap belas ihsan walau tidak berkelayakan

Amirul Hafidz said...

Haha yeah sorry haven't been too active in blogosphere of late.

I initially thought that it's about the need to reach out beyond our confined space - the boy looks like he wanted to do exactly that but in the end was halted by his mom. When you don't reach out - like the mom - timbul la salah faham, buruk sangka, etc. But yeah come to think about it you certainly make a stronger case here.

Now I feel bad knowing that the director was aiming this towards me but I still couldn't quite comprehend it, tak sedar diri. In searching for the right message sempat lagi pulak blaming the poor Chinese kid. Tsk.

Thanks - I really mean this.

Anonymous said...

hrrm. baru faham. thanx puteri

M.M. said...

your POV is right too. and i overlooked that. thanks back to you :)