Sunday, October 11, 2009

Yours, Forever

After a long week of work and hustles, we'd always look forward to Friday, the get together night. When everyone else is out, I would sneak in your bed and we would cuddle up and watch a movie we mutually agreed upon. Sometimes, when I'm lucky, I'd get to pick. But most of the time, our stubbornness battle each other's and who debates best win. No, this is not a nuclear related issue. Its just a fight over which movie to watch.

And while I'm in your arms we would update each other about what's new, what's gone and what's coming up. There were gloomy nights when I would literally cry on your shoulder over things I couldn't control. But most of the nights, we'll both end up being cracked up by your out of the world jokes. As always, you're better at it. As always, you're better, than me, at almost everything.

And last night, like any other night, we replayed our special thing that has always kept us knitted together closer than anything else. But this time around, it was something that you said that made me cried.

You told me that in a few years time, you will have to let me go because I will no longer be yours. And I will have to cuddle up in the arms of someone else. You will have to hand me over to someone else who will love me and take a good care of me for you.

But can anyone else love me and care for me the way you do? You're the first person I fell in love with. You are the one that taught me how to. You taught me to love humbly, to love unconditionally. Even if one day I have to let go. Love humbly, love unconditionally, but never possessively you said. Because what we do not possess, we can never lose.

And now I am telling this right back at you. Right back at you. You've loved me in the utmost wonderful way. Humbly, unconditionally, never possessively. How can you ever lose me?

It was your love filled letters and hand written poems that kept me going through my first two years in boarding school. It was your assuring and comforting words that lift me up again in the bleakest moments. Can I find another person who can speak of wisdom even through unimaginable silly jokes like you can? You say the right things at the right time without having me to tell you anything beforehand.

As always, you are right though. One day I will have to leave your house. I can't cuddle up to you anymore. But forever, I'm always yours.

Happy birthday Mum. I know you had a great one :)


Anonymous said...

nice.touching.mummy's daughter ye u nie? =)

Anonymous said...

anak mak :)
hepi belated bday auntie..

M.M. said...


thanks Dino!