Wednesday, October 21, 2009

no, i did not forget

because a wish on the wall would be too lame for someone as special as you are,

Happy Birthday Kak Nas :)
Have a wonderful 23rd!

May you are endlessly showered with His blessings, and embraced by His protection, always and always, just as you're always there for me, with the right thing to say.



kak nas said...

u r sweet like sugar~
as comforting as duvet ;D
as colourful as rainbow..

tq my dear :')

i might seldom
- talk 2u on the phone
- chat with u thru sms,ym etc

but so u know, u r always dearly remembered.


Vladimir Vadim Kryuchkov said...

Putri Mahirah Munatul Maknun Ahmad Mizanuddin?
Are you the writer of this blog?

M.M. said...

Kak Nas: *hugs* <3 :)

Vladimir Vadim Kryuchkov: and you are? :)

Vladimir Vadim Kryuchkov said...

Someone passing by.
Found your blog here.

M.M. said...

VVK: any chance we've met?

Vladimir Kryuchkov said...

Ha ha.
Maybe a long time ago.
Somewhere, somehow.