Friday, September 13, 2013

Hang in there

And just like that, I've never been so selfless. I was ready for all the pain although I didn't know how much was coming. All I wanted and prayed for amidst my painful cringes was for you to be alright, for you to be strong and well. 

I thought I have grown enough love for you as you grow inside me. Never have I been so wrong. Today I know for sure that my love for you will know no boundaries, that it will grow around the world and back. 

I can't wait to see you too, love. But for now please stay safe in there. Never mind me, for I am willing to go through all the pain in the world, as long as you don't have to. 

2.25 am, 110913
Labour room 

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Happy Mind said...

Lambat tahu, maybe baby tu dah besar. Be a great mother kak mahirah.