Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Meminjam Mata Si Buta

A lady and her daughter went to a massage spa somewhere in town.

"Selamat datang Puan"

"Hai dik. Akak nak buat reflexology boleh? Ada tempat tak?"

"Sorang ke dua orang kak?"

The daughter tersengih lebar. Like this --> :D

"Erm, dua orang lah dik"

"Okay. Akak tunggu kat bilik ni ye"

Two women walked in. One is a Malay girl, and the other, an Indian lady.

"Hai dik. Nak urut kaki or seluruh badan?", the Malay girl, Lina asked.

"Owh die budak kecik urut kaki aje. Akak nak urut the whole body lah dik", the mother tolong jawabkan.

Sambil berurut, Lina asked.

"Adik tingkatan brape? Keras nye urat. Bersukan ye?"

Mak kepada adik itu pun sekali lagi tolong menjawab, "Die dah dekat universiti dik. Tu la asyik duduk menjahit aje die ni. Tak tidur malam"

"Owh patutlaa. Jahit ape kak?"

"Tu haa, bag tu", referring to the one that's on their side.

"Owh, mesti cantik", Lina just smiled.

Mak kepada adik itu dengan semangatnya pointed to the bag, "Tu haa dik, yang hitam tu"

"Owh mesti cantik", Lina smiled again.

The adik quickly took her phone and texted her mum, who was just beside her btw.

"Mummy, shuush, they CAN'T SEE! Remember??"

And the mother replied:

"OMG! :("


Looking at the smile engraved on both of those women's faces and the cheerfulness they brought with them into that room, the mother totally forgot that the massage spa she stepped into had this sign above its door - "Blind Massage"

The following is a story about what the writer has learnt within that one hour she spent at the massage spa that day, from two blind ladies, that apparently can see more than she herself could, with her two healthy eyes.


Chatty, friendly, witty and adorable. She's just 24, and a proud mother of two. Lina was born without the gift of eyesight. She went to a school for those who are visually impaired, and got married at the age of 20 to a guy whom she met at that school. They were classmates btw. Sweet.

I closed my eyes while listening to her stories. Her ever enthusiastic tone. The way she confidently expressed herself. Her positive outlook on things. If I didnt knew, she sounded just like any other optimistic youngsters who lead a normal life. Lina's words are all filled with one thing. CONTENTMENT. Which, made me feel so ashamed of myself for all those complains that I ever whined about :(

"Takpe akak. Susah sikit takpe. Kalau kite sabar, semua akan diringankan". Despite her disabilities, she's so positive. She presumes everything to be good and beautiful. Hardship seems to be the easiest thing for her. I can feel the love she has for her husband, children and family. And the inner sight she has, opened my eyes to see things beyond what my vision allows me to.


This lady's presence is filled with warmth and makes you feel comfortable opening up to her. Aliya lost her faculty of sight due to high fever when she was 20 something. Born an Indian, Aliya later embraced Islam and got married to a Malay lad. She has two children. One, is adopted.

What amazed me is the fact that she adopted the boy from a welfare home for mentally disabled children because his mother could not afford to bare the cost of his maintenance. God. This lady has a big generous heart, despite the fact that she herself is not financially stable. She told us although she sometimes struggle to put bread on the table, but it satisfies her to be able to help others. "InsyaAllah, kalau kite tolong orang, Allah mesti tolong kite". Again, I feel ashamed.

Aliya also told us that she is ever thankful to the government for the help they provide for the disabled in this country. Free medical treatments. Financial assistance. Monthly allowance and such. This, reminded me that Malaysia is a generous country after all, compared to our neighbours.

Suara hati saya berkata, "bagusnya menjadi si buta, kerana mereka tidak menghakimi dengan pandangan semata-mata". Our eyes can deceive us sometimes. We often look forward at things that are not within our grasp rather than look down at things that we already have in our hands. Note to self, always always be thankful for what you do and don't have, and appreciate everything you're given with. Lihat bukan sekadar dengan mata kasar, tapi jua dengan mata hati.

Good day to all! :)

ps: thanks for the treat Mum!


sarah said...

thanx fer dis post! your mum is so cute sis! hey how are you? update laaa! =P

pencari sejati said...

bez cite nie..
ad moral nyer..

selamat menjahit..

M.M. said...

Sar: Mummy is being mummy, as always :D ring me la you!

Naqib: Thank you :) Jangan menjaja ye ;p

Fauzana said...

Suka cerita ni. Dah lama tak bukak blog Myra. Nih pun baru habis exam.

Btw, dont stop writing ya. Ur very good at it. Hope I can hear more from u :)

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