Saturday, May 29, 2010


"If you have a tumor, make humor out of it!"
-Mak Tok

I adore my late grandmother for her ability to remind us to live life to the fullest even long after she is gone. Life doesn't end just because you know its ending ;)


Little Miss Whatever said...

ur idea of humor is damn pathetic :(

Farah Aiman said...

it's yr idea of looking at it la. you don't have to make humour, actually. as long as yr positive and have an optimistic mind set, life's better.

Farah Aiman said...

oh and i was replying to little miss whatever. :) couldn't help myself, sorry!

auntie said...

The late Hajah Dzalehan's cheerfulness in the face of calamity, her generosity of soul, her sincerity, her earnestness and kindness, her love, I have found in very few people. I miss her. Al Fatihah.