Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Double Trouble

As a person who could hardly keep pets alive as a child, I wake up every morning thanking God for trusting me with my two beautiful children. The second time as a mom, I'm much calmer and not as clueless. But that doesn't discount any worries I have regarding my children's wellbeing. 

So how does it feel being a mother of two you ask?

It's tiring, exhausting, exasperating. I get one third the sleep I used to have, half the time I had for myself and just a quarter of the bed for me, literally!

Attending one child is challenging enough. Try giving attention to a breastfed baby who enjoys her free flow milk a little too much on top of a very active toddler who is taking every chance he gets to toss something at the sister!

It has been almost four months and I am still struggling to be fair to both, giving adequate attention and spending uninterrupted bonding time one on one with each of them. Some days it's just like the heaven and universe conspire to give me a wonderful day in my world of motherhood. Some other days, all hell breaks loose! I feel like pulling my head off and I'm not even kidding!

But with all the overwhelming chaos and crazy tantrums, comes double joy and a million more buckets of love!

I believe other than our unconditional love, the best gift we can give our children is time. Live in the present and enjoy every moment. I have exceptionally good days and I have terribly bad days. 

One of my favourite motherhood mantras that helps me survive every meltdown is 
"The clock is ticking. Time, both good and bad will pass. So appreciate every second".

Now to all mothers let's put our superhero cape on and continue doing what we do best!

May you two grow to be the best in Your Master's eyes.

May it please Allah.


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