Friday, September 2, 2016

Buah Hati Penyerang Jantung

Soon to be three, he's so talkative it's interesting to see where our conversations go. Undoubtedly everyday he will surprise me either with his growing ability and intelligence or by simply giving me heart attacks and stretching my patience haha. But we're both learning in our own ways. So I'm going to enjoy these fleeting moments and the luxury of being the person he's most obsessed with! 

Swear my kids implanted a censor on me while they were in my womb! My boy can sense the moment I get off the bed or leave the room! The little one will open her eyes to take a peek whether I'm still next to her or otherwise. It's both flattering and suffocating at the same time especially when I have urgent matters to tend to. 

But the clock is ticking. I keep reminding myself. The bad times shall end and the good times will pass like a breeze. Joyful memories and special moments stay with us forever. Soon before I know it, he will have his own friends, girlfriend (when you're forty, right?) and family. And I'm no longer his number one! So Ummi's going to appreciate the present and smother you with all the love in the world as much as I can, baby!

Ummi loves you dearly, son.

May it please Allah.


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