Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Growing Forward

I got pregnant with my first child just three months into our marriage. I thought I wasn't ready. I totally freaked out. My mom freaked out even more. She thought she was too young to be a grandma guysss. 

Little did I know then, although we didn't plan it, it was exactly what we needed. We needed to grow up. Indeed He is The Best Planner.

Having a child will drive you crazy. But it will also drive you forward. The old you will die in labor and you will be reincarnated as a better person. Selfless, motivated, focused. Waking up in the morning will be purposeful. And you don't want to be slacking because every moment counts and there's no turning back once a grief mistake is done. But be as careful with the small overlooked mistakes as well because if left uncorrected, they can leave a huge impact on both your child and you.

My firstborn is turning three soon which also means my third anniversary as a mother is just around the corner. I'm not even going to hide my excitement because becoming a mom (and still surviving) is my proudest achievement. And as expected, yes, I have started brainstorming and planning Mr. A's birthday gathering. It's more fun now because we can plan together as he's big enough to make his own choices of themes and cakes among others. His current interests include dinosaurs, trains & cars, Oddbods and Ultraman. No the last one won't even make it to the discussion table. I'm not pleased with the value or rather the lack of it the show brings.

Talking about shows and being a parent, I can't help but to worry about what he watches and the influences he's absorbing. I mean have you watched the cartoons and programs showed on TV these days? That idiot box is such a culprit even us adults get easily carried away and we should cut down on it! But it's really hard to control our kids and get them away from the screen isn't it? It's so easy to surrender and let the tele babysit them. What do we do when they are old enough for social media?  

But I think the bigger question is: How do we control ourselves from too much screens? I feel so sorry for our kids of today's generation for having technology savvy parents who are constantly having the need to be on their gadgets either for work purposes or for some leisure time. 

I guess when you are a mom or at least for an over-thinking one like me, you are always contemplating the cause and effect of your actions. Even the outfits I put on these days are determined by my children - whether they are coming with me or otherwise. Only nursing friendly tops when Miss A is following. No flowy skirts. No heels, definitely. How on earth do you expect me to run after my energetic toddler wearing 5inches? Haha.

Anyways we do what we can to better ourselves as parents and individuals. I hope to continuously improve myself not just in terms of gadget addictions but also in other expects especially my knowledge and practice as a Muslim. After all our children follow our actions, not instructions. What's a greater way to nurture excellent Muslims other than leading them by example from young? We start with ourselves, from within. InshaAllah may Allah ease our struggles and protect our children.

Don't worry I totally get this motherhood thing, juggling them both just fineee!!SAYS NO MOM EVER

May it please Allah.

Lots of love,


Adnil Linda said...

hepi becoming birthday abg..

still learning how to become a good mother...

Mahirah M said...

Thank you so much Auntie Linda!! Yes am still learning too. Perjalanan masih jauh. All the best and may Allah ease for us all!