Friday, October 28, 2016


And just like that my little princess is now ten months old. They say there's something about the second child (or the subsequent ones) that makes them calmer, more independent and much easier to handle. Or is it because we moms are more experienced and capable, hence the breeze?

My girl here is heaven sent, such a coolness to our eyes with the smile that soothes all aches and laughter that heals.

But behold! Don't be fooled by her girly charm for this one is a hustler and she hustles good! Now as her personality blossoms, we can see she is very determined to get what she wants especially if that thing belongs to the Big Brother hihi. 

A little rebel, she defies the normal development milestone. She sits right up from lying on her back, dread tummy time, started standing up with support and only starting to roll at ten months. Now she refuses to crawl but moves forward with her bump which is really funny! And soon she will be walking and we'll be running after two toddlers eeekkkk!!

We can see she's a little advanced than the brother at this stage. Probably because she has a sifu from whom she learns and copies everything! She also insists to eat everything we do! Thankful for her great appetite but that also means she wants to munch almost all the time teehee.

Owh my girl, you're such a joy that completes us and we look forward to learning you, sweetheart!

In the meantime, maybe you could, errrr, stop 'tidying' up your kitchen at 6AM!!

May it please Allah.

Lots of love,

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