Sunday, November 20, 2016

Rocking It

While motherhood is the most wonderful thing that has happened to me, it is also the MOST challenging. No one said it's going to be easy. In fact it's the most difficult job ever.

From half the sleep, nonexistent personal space and nasty judgements to add to the long list, it sounds almost impossible.

I am lucky enough to have experienced a few different phases from being a FTWM with a demanding work schedule and then a SAHM after I resigned and occasionally a WAHM doing multiple jobs from the crafting to freelance translating, copywriting and doing voice over in my cupboard, for real. And now I'm currently a PTWM with numerous tasks nonetheless, with help at home.

Throughout all these phases there were ups and downs, pros and cons. But one thing remains the same; That pang of guilt whenever I can't tend to my kids. Or whenever I can't be there for them, with them. Or when I just constantly feel like I'm failing at it.

I wanted to be all, I wanted to do everything and I wanted to do everything perfectly. And then I became miserable by my own choices. I was overwhelmed, I didn't have time for myself, almost lost it even.

Until one moment it hit me, flush all, my kids ain't judging my sticky floor! And my husband better not dare to either! The most important key to a family's well-being is for the mother, The Rock to be happy and emotionally stable. Only with that everyone will be well and everything will be in order.

Remember to set your own standards. Don't be conditioned by others' expectations or to a certain extent, illusions.

Your kids don't need you to be perfect. All they need is for you to be joyful.

Sending my love, thoughts and prayers to all moms out there. You are all super!
Keep on rocking! We can do this!!

May it please Allah.


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